Tips for planning your children's birthday parties

Following are some great tips to help with planning your child's party!
  1. Check if any of your guests have allergies.
  2. Send a reminder to your guests a couple of days out from your party. Remind them of the time , location and any other details.
  3. Put something special on your child so guests can identify them as the birthday boy/girl.
  4. Before the party starts take some family photos and remember to leave some time before cake for photos too.
  5. Remember candles, matches, cake knife, plates and napkins for the cake. If you have a cake box, don't throw it out as it is useful for transporting/storing leftovers.
  6. If you are having an afternoon celebration, you might like to organise some nibbles, drinks, champagne for the parents.
  7. Be aware of cooler weather in winter months. Bring rugs, blankets if you are having the party in a park in the later afternoon.
  8. Make a few extra gift bags in case siblings turn up at the party.
  9. If your party is at home, put toys and other distractions away.
  10. If your party is at home, it is a good idea to put a balloon out the front of your house to make it stand out.
  11. Before the party ends take a group photo.
  12. Have a pen and paper to write down who gave each present to you so you can thank them.

parents food and drinks

If you are hosting at a park:

  • Pick a park with bathrooms and good parking.
  • Set up away from play equipment.
  • Put up a balloon so your guests can find you.
  • Take plastic containers for left over food.
  • Take rubbish bags.
  • Have a bag for the presents.

outdoor parties

Summer parties


  • Make sure you have eskies with ice to keep the drinks cool.
  • Pack the Sunscreen and Aerogard