What is the usual party schedule?

The usual party format varies every time but following is a rough outline.

We recommend that guests arrive half an hour before the entertainer for 1hr and 1.5hr parties. If you have a 2hr party, your host will be there the whole time from when the guests arrive. The 2hr package allows for a more flexible schedule and allows for enough time to get through all the activities so guests and entertainer can arrive at the same time. 

  • Entertainer arrival - introducing themselves and the giggles/games begin
  • Games and dancing eg. musical statues, duck duck goose, limbo, pass the parcel. There will be a few food and water breaks in between activities
  • More games, eg bubble catching, musical bops, races (if space allows). 
  • Food and water break
  • Your entertainer will do the facepainting/glitter for the guests (quick rainbow per child) for 1.5hr and 2hr parties
  • Cake time 15 mins prior to the end. Photo opportunity and cake cutting! 
  • Extra game if there is time!

Removing distractions such as jumping castles makes it easier for the children to focus. If you plan to have a jumping castle, please speak to us about how to get the most out of both fun entertainment options. 

The music, materials for games and prizes are all included in the package. If you could please provide the space for the kids to do the games. The ideal space is an area so all children can sit in a circle and move around it.

Your entertainer will bring:

  • A mat to sit on 
  • Bubbles
  • Parachute and games 
  • Limbo 
  • Pass the parcel prizes for every child - rings, stamps, hair bows (for girls) and dinosaurs, cars, notepads, stamps (for boys)
  • Facepaint and glitter 
  • Bluetooth music speaker 
If you have any questions, please reach out via email to simone@birthdayfairy.com.au or 0420596808