What is the usual party schedule?

The usual party format varies every time but following is a rough outline. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we can assist. We are very happy to customise anything to your preferences. The below is a general guide for a 10am - 12noon party with a 1.5hr entertainment package. 

  • 10am, Guests arrive. We recommend guests arrive half an hour before the entertainer for 1hr and 1.5hr parties. If you book an entertainer for 2 hours, your host will be there the whole party duration so you don’t need to worry about guests arriving early! 
  • 10.30am, The fun begins! Your entertainer will arrive at the nominated entertainer start time. Please greet the entertainer and introduce them to the birthday girl/boy.
  • The entertainer will arrive in their character costume and will bring music, pass the parcel prizes, mat to sit on, facepaint, games and activities.
  • The games and dancing with your entertainer will begin as soon as they arrive. Games include musical statues, duck duck goose, limbo, pass the parcel, bubbles! The children select the games they would like to play on the day so that fun is maximised. 
  • Your entertainer will coordinate some brief food and water break in between activities. These only take a few quick minutes. 
  • More games, eg bubble catching, musical bops, races (if space allows). Your entertainer will tailor the games to the children’s preferences on the day and work within the space. 
  • Your entertainer will do the facepainting/glitter for the guests (for example a quick rainbow per child) for 1.5hr and 2hr parties. This is usually towards the end of the party.
  • 11.30am, Cake time! We recommend cake time 20-30 mins prior to the end. Keep your cake knife, candles and matches in a convenient spot so they are easy to find for cake time.
  • Cake time is also perfect for a photo opportunity. While you are cake cutting, the entertainer will continue more games and facepaint.  
  • 12noon, Final photos - Don't forget to get some final photos before your entertainer departs! 

Quick Summary / Key Points 

  • Your entertainer will arrive at the nominated entertainer time. Please greet them and introduce to the birthday girl/boy. 
  • The entertainer will carry out games, dancing and facepaint! There will be quick food and water breaks during the party. 
  • Important things to remember to organise: cake, food, water, cake knife, candles, matches, wipes, serviettes 
  • Your entertainer will bring: music, pass the parcel prizes (we do a lucky dip version of pass the parcel. The children get to pick a prize such as a ring, bracelet, pen, notepad, dinosaur, toy car etc. The prizes are not individually wrapped layers so that the prizes are easy for each child to pick), mat to sit on, games, facepaint and all the materials they need.
  • For 2hr parties, you will have the entertainer there from the beginning and there is plenty of time to get through the activities. if you only have a 1.5hr or 1hr booking, allow guests to arrive first as there is not as much time to get through everything. 

Party Tips

  • Removing distractions such as jumping castles/trampolines will makes it easier for the children to focus.
  • The music, material for games and prizes are all included in the package. If you could please provide the space for the kids to do the games. The ideal space is an area so all children can sit in a circle and move around it.
  • Please note, facepaint is only included in the 1.5hr and 2hr package due to time constraints.

The usual selection of games for children to pick from on the day include:

  • Pass the parcel
  • Musical statues
  • Musical bops
  • Limbo
  • Duck duck goose
  • Bubbles
  • Parachute games
  • Challenges
  • Egg and spoon races 
  • Facepaint

Please note, the entertainer will guide the children through the games and select the popular ones with the children during the party. 

You may add on special activities such as:

  • Pet adoption
  • Craft
  • Slime
  • Pampering

These special activities will be conducted during the party and run by your host. 

    If you have any questions, please reach out via email to simone@birthdayfairy.com.au or 0420596808