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Indulge your child in an unforgettable party experience by inviting our bubbly Barbie. Our Barbie entertainment package includes dancing, interactive games and face painting.

We offer three flexible durations to choose from:

  • 1 hour: $295
  • 1.5 hours: $345
  • 2 hours: $395

Our captivating Barbie entertainment packages includes: 

  • Barbie-led dancing and an assortment of classic party games
  • An exciting "Pass the Parcel*" game with a special prize for each child
  • Engaging parachute games that ignite laughter and excitement
  • Bubble catching games 
  • Quick face painting and mesmerizing glitter 
  • Wonderful photo opportunities with Barbie to capture precious memories
  • Customized Barbie-themed invitations that can be conveniently printed, emailed, or texted to your guests
  • The option to enhance the experience with additional activities like slime, Barbie adoption, pet adoption, crafts, and more. You can also add on filled gift bags for each guest!
  • We provide a high-quality speaker for music, a mat for seating, and all necessary materials for games and activities
  • Game options are tailored to the children's preferences, ensuring engaging and age-appropriate entertainment. Popular games include musical statues, musical bops, bubble catching, limbo pass the parcel, duck duck goose, parachute games, egg and spoon races, party challenges, red light green light, and more! If the group is older there is more focus on challenge based games and dancing.

Why book with us? We are Sydney’s highest rated entertainment company. We handpick and train our entertainers to ensure your child’s party is memorable, stress-free and fun. All our entertainers have Working with Children Checks and we have Public Liability insurance which will be required if you are booking a hall or venue. When you want your child’s party to be memorable, book Birthday Fairy.

*Inclusions: We provide all the materials for the games including the music, mat to sit on and the pass the parcel lucky dip prizes. The children get to pick a prize such as a ring, bracelet, pen, notepad, dinosaur, toy car etc. The prizes are not individually wrapped layers so that the prizes are easy for each child to pick.

Number of children: One entertainer is recommended for up to 15 children. Please speak to us about options for parties with over 15 children.

Timing: Facepaint takes about 1 minute per child. We usually suggest facepaint for 1.5 and 2 hour parties unless you have a small group for the 1hr. 

FREE customised invites are also included with your booking. You can text/email or print these to your guests.

Popular add ons: quality gift bags, balloons, Barbie cake and more! Or upgrade to a deluxe package. 

Call Birthday Fairy if you would like to speak to us or fill out the form and we will get in touch with you. Come on Barbie, let's go party!!