Why you should pay for an entertainer

Spending money on entertainment has become more popular over time. Here are a few reasons why the expense is worth it.

Children require attention and lots of it!

Trained entertainers understand how to engage children and have learnt specialised skills to create the party fun. 15+ children in a park, backyard or your living room can seriously be chaotic if there is not a common focal point for the children. Having a professional who can bring excitement and fun to your little one’s birthday parties makes life so much easier!

You can relax.

As parties are a celebration of your child’s milestones, it is common to you’re your own family and friends there too. You don’t want to have to be trying to keep the children preoccupied and out of mischief. It is far easier to make a good impression on your child’s new friend’s parents if you have some time to have a chat.

Memories for your child.

Children idolise magical characters (the unicorn trend, Elsa and fairies to name a few). Allowing your child to meet their favourite characters can be the most amazing birthday present of all. Entertainers follow a set routine so that your children are taken on an engaging ride through various games, activities and movements. The children will sing, dance, run around, jump, catch bubbles, win prizes and get their facepainted – all while you can relax knowing they are having a great time.

Save time and money running around for activities.

Entertainers know exactly which games are popular and bring everything for those games. You won’t have to worry about wasting money buying limbo sticks, mats for musical chairs, wrapping pass the parcel gifts, bubbles, guessing what prizes children want and trying to tackle facepainting kits. You won’t need to spend the $250 on portable music and worry about downloading a playlist either – the entertainer will do all of that!

Extra hands for the cake and food.

Have you ever noticed that your child does exactly what someone else asks and takes 5 minutes to even hear you if you make the same request? Having an entertainer on hand can be super useful if you are trying to get the children to eat and drink. The entertainer will allow for specific food and snack times so that there is structure times for the children to eat and this avoids food fights and messy food chaos. When it comes to cutting the cake, the entertainer is also able to get everyone ready to sing and can help with the cake cutting and handing out cake to children and adult party guests.