What to consider when selecting a good park!

Birthday Fairy can host parties in your home, chosen venue – community hall, preschool or a local park. Here are some considerations when selecting a park party…

Do you need to ask the council?
Yes you can host your party in a park, however you may need to check with your local council.

There are some parks (eg Centennial Park) and some sporting grounds where we don’t setup/celebrate due to parking complexities on weekends.

Speak to us about your park selection.

Will your entertainer be able to play music at the park?
Yes we provide our own portable Bluetooth music speaker.

Does the entertainer need a change room?
No, our entertainers will arrive in costume and will not need to get changed when they arrive. 

What happens if the party is meant to be outdoors and it looks like it will rain?
You will need to have a wet-weather back up venue in mind. This could be your home, a sheltered park, a marquee or a local community hall. If you need to reschedule as you cannot find a suitable back-up venue, please read our terms and conditions.  Feel free to speak to us about some venue suggestions.

What if I need to change my venue on the day?
Contact Simone via text on 0420596808 with the updated details and we will pass this onto our entertainment and party team. 

What ground area do you require?
Outdoor parties are great. We suggest you make sure the space is suitable for party games.  The party must take place on a non-dirt area. Some great places for outdoors include open or partially open garages, patios and alfresco areas.

What are some considerations for outdoor parties?
When considering a park party, you should make sure there is:
-   Shade
-   Convenient and accessible toilets
-   Easy parking for parents
-   Flat ground for games

Should I setup the party near the playground?
We strongly advise that you set up your party away from the playground so that the children are not distracted. Having your own area will mean the children can focus on the structured fun with the entertainer. Setting up right in the playground can mean that other children (not from your party) will try to get involved too which can be problematic.