Professional Facepainter VS An Entertainer

Can't decide between an entertainer or a professional facepainter for your party?
An entertainer will: 
- dress up in costume 
- play games, dance and entertain the children
- do simple faceprinting (rainbows, snakes etc)
- A second entertainer is an additional $100/hr (can only be added onto an entertainment package) 
You can view our entertainment packages in each theme HERE.
Facepaint example
Face paint example
A professional facepainter:
- does not dress up in character / costume 
- does not play games, dance or entertain
- does do amazing, detailed facepaint for the duration of the party
- A professional facepainter can be added onto an entertainment package or booked alone. The pricing to book alone or add onto any package is the same (1hr $290, 1.5hr $345 or 2hr $395)
You can view the Professional Facepainter Package HERE
Professional facepainter