What happens at a slime party

A slime party is a fun party theme which boys and girls both love. Here's what typically happens at a slime party:

Slime-Making: The centerpiece of a slime party is the slime-making. For $5/child your entertainer will provide all the necessary ingredients and materials to make their own slime. Common slime ingredients include glue, activator, paint and glitter. We even provide shaving foam for fluffy slime!. Children can choose their favourite colours and textures to create their unique slime concoctions. The entertainer will guide the children through the slime making fun!

The slime component  include: 

  • Slime instruction and demonstration
  • 3-4 types of fun slime making - different colours 
  • Slime challenges, such as who can create the stretchiest slime and most colourful slime

Party Favors: We send kids home with their amazing slime creations in a zip-lock bag. 

Our parties also include a fun mix of dancing, games, facepaint and and party fun. 

Slime parties are a hands-on, creative, and sensory experience that kids LOVE. Speak to us to find out more!

You can see the slime deluxe packages here or the entertainment only option here You can even add on cakes, balloons, gift bags and other amazing things! 

Needing to invite your guests? Invites are included with all our packages for free!