What happens at a pet adoption party

Here are some recommended party ideas for hosting a 2 hour party! 

  • 10am Get the kids to arrive and have some snack food ready - chips, cookies, fruit and anything easy to snack on. 

  • 10.15am Once the kids have had a snack, your entertainer can arrive to play some games as normal - a mix of musical statues, limbo, dancing, dancing pass the parcel. Our entertainers make it fun and age appropriate! 
  • 10.50am Once you have done a few games, they will  move back to musical statues and make it a fun game so whoever has the best moves for each round, gets to pick their animal/pet. 

  • Once everyone has an animal the pet adoption activities begin:
  • CERTIFICATE OF ADOPTION: The children start by filling out the certificate with their own name on the first line and then the name of the new animal on the second line. Each child will also do their signature on the new pet owner line.
  • HEALTH CHECK health check is where the children are  guided through checking ears, eyes etc to make sure they have a healthy and happy pet! 
  • ADOPTION INFO - The fun continues as the kids fill in the pet’s name certificate and age. They also fill in other information about their animal. Once the kids have finished, they get to share what they love about their dog/cat, the fave food etc. They can show each other a special trick that it can do! 
  • DECORATION TIME! the kids decorate their box with some stickers and they can draw on the box too.

  • CREATE A COLLAR for the pet with beads and string too!  
  • Finish off with some more snack food and water! 
  • 11.45 Sing happy birthday and hand out the cake!