What happens at a pet adoption party?

Pet adoption parties are so cute!

Pet Adoption Picnic Kids Birthday Party Sydney

A special activity is conducted where each child receives a special pet, a box to decorate, a lead to make and pet adoption certificate to fill out. This is a great party for children aged 4 – 9 years old. 

The children have so much fun and it is a perfect gift for each child to take home. The pets include fluffy dogs, cute kittens, cuddly bears and more! 

In addition to the pet adoption activity, the party includes a mix of fun dancing, games, pass the parcel (prizes are even included) and party themed games. Every child loves facepaint and this is also included. 

You can even book a complete party setup with grazing table, picnic or high tea. Save yourself all the hassle and running around by booking our signature packages. They include the most gorgeous decorations, all the food and plates/cups. It makes for a stress-free and easy party for you! You can even add on cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more!

Pet Adoption Kitty Entertainer Kids Birthday Party Sydney

Pet Adoption Catering Kids Birthday Party Sydney

Pet Adoption Fun Kids Birthday Party Sydney

Pet Adoption Catering In Park For Kids Birthday Party Sydney