The secret to taking great photos

Taking great photos at a kids party can help capture the memories and create lasting keepsakes. Here are some tips for taking great photos at a kids party:

  1. Get on their level: Kids are shorter than adults, so get down to their level to take pictures. This can help create more engaging and intimate shots.
  2. Use natural light: Whenever possible, use natural light to take your photos. Position yourself near a window or outside to take advantage of natural light. Keep the light behind whoever is taking the photo. 
  3. Be mindful of the background: Make sure the background of your photos is clean and uncluttered. Avoid having distracting elements like garbage bins in the photo.
  4. Capture candid moments: Some of the best photos are captured when the kids are not aware of the camera. Capture candid moments of the kids playing or interacting with each other.
  5. Take group shots: Make sure to take group shots of the kids together. These shots work particularly well before cake time! 
  6. Use burst/live mode: Use burst mode on your camera or phone to take multiple shots at once. This can help capture fast-moving action shots and increase your chances of getting the perfect shot.
  7. Experiment with angles: Experiment with different angles and perspectives to create unique and interesting shots. Try taking shots from above, below, or from the side.
  8. Edit and share: Once you've taken your photos, edit them to enhance colours or crop to remove any unwanted elements. Your phone will allow you to make these edits or there are lots of apps available. Then, share them with the parents or the kids themselves as a fun memento of the party.

Remember, taking great photos is all about capturing the fun and excitement of the party. Have fun with it and enjoy the moment!