Reducing the Sugar Overload

Here are our top tips to reducing the amount of sugar at your next party!

If you are doing your own catering, here are some ideas to reduce the amount of sugar.

Have lots of fresh fruit and a mix of healthy savory options too. Things like crackers, sandwiches, vegetables and dip can be great to fill up the children’s plates.

For a healthier sweet fix, options such as date slices, coconut rough and sugar free muffins can be great alternatives. The most important thing to remember is to have a mix of different food options because there can be some fussy eaters at parties.

The most popular food options should be easy for the kids to eat and easy for you to make in advance. Try to avoid foods which require being made right before the party or foods that don’t last long on hot days.

Food such as sushi and gelato are great however they should only be used if you have a refrigerator or cooling option. Sun and heat do not mix well with foods that require certain cool temperatures. If you would like a healthy alternative to ice cream, try freezing pieces of pineapple and yummy fruit. Add a popsicle stick so they are easy to handle! The kids will love this wonderful option.

It’s important to remember you don’t need to load the children up on refined sugar options, there are so many other great options out there. 


You can now book a sugar free party with Birthday Fairy. You have the option to customise the catering to include options such as beautiful fruit, organic popcorn, corn chips and sugar free treats. If you would just like to have less sugar at your party we also have lower sugar options for our catering.

Do you have your own favourite sugar free recipes? We would love to see your recipes, please email them to