Reducing the environmental impact of your party

Reducing the environmental impact of a kids party can be achieved by making conscious choices in the planning and execution of the party. Here are some tips to help you reduce the environmental impact of a kids party:

  1. Use eco-friendly decorations: Instead of using disposable decorations, consider using reusable or eco-friendly options. All our decorations are re-used for multiple parties so this avoids wasteful purchases. For example, hiring a picnic setting means these items can be re-used time and time again by other families. Each year children want a different theme so hiring the themed items is the easiest and best way to reduce the environmental impact. 
  2. Make good choices with disposable tableware: Use washable and reusable tableware where possible such as water jugs, cake stands, cake knife utensils etc. When selecting disposable tableware is necessary, choose biodegradable or compostable options made from materials such as bamboo or paper.
  3. Provide water in reusable jugs: Instead of providing individual water bottles, provide water in large, reusable containers or pitchers. This reduces the amount of plastic waste generated.
  4. Use electronic invitations: Send electronic invitations instead of paper invitations to reduce paper waste. Birthday Fairy includes free customized digital invites with any booking. 
  5. Avoid balloons: Balloons are a major source of environmental waste, particularly when they are released into the environment. Avoid using balloons or choose eco-friendly alternatives such as paper decorations or silk flowers. Our backdrops are the perfect alternative to balloons, creating a gorgeous colourful centrepiece for the grazing table. We also use beautiful silk flowers instead of needing balloons down the table centre. If you do want balloons, there are biodegradable balloons available. 
  6. Provide recycling bins: Set up recycling bins to encourage guests to dispose of waste properly. Using a flexi tub labeled with “recycling” can be a great solution to encourage children and parents to recycle items at the party. 
  7. Repurpose leftover items: Any leftover party favors can be donated to local charities or repurposed for future use. If you buy an event sign, often we remove the age so you can use the “Welcome to XX’s party” the following year as well. 
  8. Speak to us about reducing the environmental impact of your party as we have lots of eco-friendly packages and way to reduce the imprint of your party. We have plenty of eco-friendly decor options. 

By implementing these tips, you can reduce the environmental impact of a kids party and teach children about the importance of environmental sustainability.