Popular party add ons

Looking to add on some activities to your child's party?

Our typical entertainment programs include a range of games, dancing, bubbles, pass the parcel and facepainting. However it can be a lovely idea to add on some special activities to your party for the children to do. Some parents also book add-on activities and use these as part of the gift bags/party favours to take home.

My favourite party add ons are outlined below:

The beading activity as the kids love being able to make a special bracelet or necklace. They also have plenty of beads and elastic to take home and can make some extra special items. The box is really gorgeous and can be packed up to take home after the party as well.

Beading and pet kits

The pet adoption kit is certainly one of the most popular new additions for add-ons. You can choose from pets (which are either cats or dogs) or unicorns. These activities include a cute box to decorate, stickers, and activity adoption sheet. The children love being able to make up fun little facts about their animals. It is a really hands-on activity as the children create the special collar and decorate their box as well. This activity suits ages four and above. It is particularly popular for the 6 to 10-year-olds. 

There is also a Barbie adoption kit available 😍

Slime activity

Another great activity add-on is slime. The children receive guidance on how to make slime from their wonderful entertainer who will bring everything they need for the activity.  Don’t worry it isn’t messy and doesn’t go everywhere! Our entertainers teach the children how to make incredible slimes and even give each child a little sealable bag to take it home in. Slime making is very popular for both boys and girls and is recommended for ages five and above.

The entertainers will allocate the time required to do the activities and run these with the children on the day. Upon enquiry/booking, we will let you know if there are any items you need to organise. For example you would need to organise the plastic trestle table and disposable cloth for the Slime activity. The children do not need seats for slime. 

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with our party planners for a free consultation over the phone. We can’t wait to speak to you!