How to host an art party

Hosting an art theme party but not sure how to make it look pretty? Here are a few fun ideas and you can see how beautiful Isabella’s 7th art birthday looked! All items can be booked via our website. 

Creating a visually appealing art-themed is easy once you know how to make an art theme party look pretty. 

Colour Palette: Choose a harmonious colour palette that reflects your child’s favourite colours. We went with Pastel colours for Isabella’s birthday. 

Easel Displays for a Welcome Sign:  Book a beautiful easel and welcome sign!

We even tied in matching gift bags. 

Colourful Balloon bunches: Decorate the room or sides of your table with balloons in art-themed shapes or colours. 

Art-themed Cake and Treats: Our Art theme cake is an edible piece of decor that will make your guests go WOW (and it tastes delicous too)!. 

Needing a special area for the children to eat and do their art? Look how gorgeous our high tea looks! 

The art activities also double as take home gifts and we have a range of amazing art options. Speak to us on 0420 596 808 to learn more about making your child’s art party super special. 

By incorporating these artistic elements and attention to detail, you can make your art theme party look pretty and truly capture the essence of the world of art.