How to host an Alice in Wonderland Picnic

A few of the top things you need for an Alice in Wonderland Picnic:

  • Pastel coloured cushions for the children to sit on
  • Pallets or low lying tables
  • Mats and floor cover 
  • Green fake grass for the table 
  • Tea cups, colour party plates and forks 
  • Playing cards and Alice in Wonderland themed decor 
  • Delicious food and snacks - think sandwiches, chips, popcorn, fresh fruit, crackers and a few lollies. 
  • Party table with cake stand and yummy cake 
  • Alice in Wonderland entertainer for playing games, dancing, facepaint and party fun

Not looking to DIY? Birthday Fairy has everything above in our picnic package! 

Alice in Wonderland party 'add on' activities include cupcake decorating, beading, candle making, craft and more. 

The most popular addition to our Alice in Wonderland picnic is the beautiful tea cups which everyone loves drinking iced tea, chocolate milk or flavoured sparkling water from! Which drink would you choose?

Transforming your backyard, lounge room or favourite park into an Alice in Wonderland tea party is easy with our packages. If you need any help with sourcing the above for a DIY option speak to us or we can set everything up and pack it all down in our "picnic signature package". 

Our catering package makes organising the food stress-free. Beautiful fresh sandwiches, fruit platter, chips, popcorn, crackers and lollies. You can add on little biscuits, cupcakes or a gorgeous cake. 

Please let us know if you have any questions as we would love to help plan your child's special day!