How many children do you need for an entertainer?

We often get asked about the minimum number of children to make entertainment “worth it”.

In all honesty, the magic of an entertainer at your party isn’t dependent on the number of children.

For smaller groups we focus on implementing specific games and activities which work well for small groups.

We still employ some of our party favourites such as dancing, signing, pass the parcel, duck duck goose, musical chairs and limbo. Facepainting also still works really well for little groups, it just allows extra time and more intricate designs for each child.

Additional activities which we bring along for smaller groups include beading, calico bag decorating, jewellery box making and cupcake decorating. We are flexible to include additional activities which suit your daughter’s preferences.

These photos below show Lulu's beautiful party. I remember this lovely Balmain Mumma calling me and wondering if we could do a party for only 5 children. The answer was “of course!”.

Here is the beautiful testimonial from the Mumma too:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for sending us the most PERFECT fairy for lulus party! She had so much kindness and thoughtfulness and it came out in everything she did with the children.

I would thoroughly recommend you and of course our beautiful rainbow fairy to anyone looking for something special!”