Hosting a covid-safe party

Birthday Fairy is proudly a registered COVID safe business and our team has undergone infection control training. With the current rise of cases in Sydney, we have compiled a list of all our favourite Covid-friendly tips to help you celebrate safely with your loved ones.

1. Consider your location 

In terms of current regulations, stay up to date with the current restriction guidelines. These vary depending on if you are in a public outdoor space (parks etc), at home or at a venue. You can ask us for information or a list of recommended parks. 

Partying at a park doesn’t need to be a hassle with our food and picnic packages where we bring everything for you!


2. Keep it healthy and happy

Ask guests with ANY cold-like symptoms to stay at home or if they have been in a known hotspot. You can send the NSW health list to parents before the party. They will appreciate you caring for their health and safety.

3. Keep hand sanitiser available at the party for guests to use

Position these at the front door and around the food table. Our hosts will also encourage the kids to wash their hands before and after food / cake. 

Our party hosts will also do their best to run games and party activities that limit the physical touching of toys, props OR each other (e.g. dancing, limbo, bubbles etc). If you would prefer to limit your physical contact even further we can tailor your party package to swap out face painting for handpainting or extra games!

4. Consider appropriate food options

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To limit sharing, consider single serve food options or have your host use tongs to serve the food to the children. Make sure children have named drinks so they are now unknowingly sharing between them. Cupcakes are also a great solution for ‘happy birthday’ candle blowing. Cupcakes are easy to hand out, less cake cutting mess, less contact transfer. 

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5. Ensure you use a trusted Covid safe business

An entertainer will keep the children having a fun, safe and enjoyable party experience. Our entertainers focus on games which involve minimal touching. Facepaint can be replaced with handpaint if you wish.

As a registered Covid Safe business, we follow a specially devised plan to curb the spread of Covid-19 and keep both our staff and clients happy and healthy. We are continually staying updated with the latest advice from the NSW Government and abiding by all the Covid regulations surrounding hygiene and sanitary processes.

Birthday Fairy also rosters additional staff on each weekend so that we can ensure no one with any symptoms will attend your party.

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If you need to postpone due to COVID regulations, the payments will be rolled over so there is absolutely no financial loss incurred. The deposit and payments are non-refundable in usual circumstances. However, we do understand that COVID-19 has caused a very complex situation. As a good will gesture, we are enabling any payments to be used as a credit in the next 12 months if your event needs to be rescheduled due to COVID.

6. Consider a drop-off party if age appropriate 

To keep within regulation numbers, stick to inviting close family and friends. For children aged 5 and up, drop & go parties are popular. This way, your child can still invite all of their besties. Hire an entertainer to keep the children having fun! 

We recommend keeping a sheet with the parents mobiles on it so you can contact them during the party.