Home vs Venue: which is best?

There is a lot to think about when deciding if you should have the party at home or in a venue/hall. All venues can be great but remember to think about selecting one which works well for celebrating children’s parties!

Following are some important things to consider: 

  • Easy access is a must. It is vital to think about access and parking. If the hall is up a lot of steps or far away from parking, it is not a great choice. There are some venues that we don’t set up at because they are just logistically too difficult for our team. We do however have a great list of venues which works super well and that we are very familiar with. If you would like to learn about these options please get in touch. 
  • Clean with natural light makes a huge difference: The amount of light is also really important. You want a nice airy space with natural light for the party, we have lots of great options and suggestions so get in touch. Make sure you book a venue which has is well maintained, so you know it will be in usable condition when you arrive. 
  • Check the venue’s facilities: If you would like to prepare your own hot food, you might like to check the venue has its own heating facilities available such as an oven or microwave. Ensure there are toilet facilities as well.
  • Is there a fridge? A fridge is also a great addition to a venue because you can keep drinks and cake cool if required. 
  • Calculate the correct hiring time: When selecting a venue make sure you have factored in enough time for setup and pack up. A lot of venues also make you leave the venue as you found it, so if this is the case ensure you leave enough time at the end of the party for the clean up. If you are booking a deluxe package with us, we have a cleanup option as well. In terms of timing we like to have at least one hour before the event start. For the typical two hour party, this would require four hours of hire time. This includes one hour at the start, two hours for the party duration and one hour pack up. If you would like to discuss the hiring time of any venues with us feel free as we are happy to assist with any questions that you may have. 
  • Can you BYO? Another important thing to consider when selecting a venue, is making sure you understand what you can and cannot bring in. Some venues allow you to bring all your own food, decor, drinks etc. There are some other venues may not allow external catering. If you are selecting a deluxe package at a venue which does not allow external catering, this is not a problem - all our deluxe packages have the option to have the catering removed.
So which venues are best? We are happy to assist in answering your questions. We always recommend having the party at home as it is cheaper, more convenient and more relaxed. Home allows more flexibility with timing, dates, set up and pack up. However, should you wish to hire a venue - there are some great options! Here is a link and we look forward to hearing from you!