Healthy party food ideas

Fruit platter

An array of healthy fruit is perfect for children’s parties. We would recommend having fruit that is easy to pickup such as watermelon, strawberries, berries and oranges. Apples are also delicious and easy but need to be cut close to the party time so they don’t brown. 

If you have a fruit platter, also bring along some tongs so that it is easy for the children to be served. Fruit cups are also a super easy option where you can pre serve the watermelon, berries etc into individual cups. The only downside of fruit cups, some children don’t like certain fruits so it goes to waste. We find children eat more fruit when the platter offers a variety for them to suit their own preferences. 

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Children love cheese and vegemite! Ham can also be a popular option for non-vegetarians. If you are looking for the safest crowd pleaser, we would recommend half vegemite and half cheese. Avoid anything such as peanut butter or nutella due to allergies. 



Adding a sushi platter can be a great addition to your food choice. We recommend baby sushi rolls as they are easy for the children to eat in one go. When we order sushi, we always ask to avoid raw fish (especially on hot days). Cooked tuna, cooked chicken, avocado and vegetables are excellent options. 


Sausage Rolls

If you want to put on some warm food, consider serving this towards the end of the party during facepaint time. The most popular warm food options for children are chicken nuggets or sausage rolls. They are not as messy as meat pies! 

Adults love healthy easy options too!

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Sandwiches platter

The most popular sandwich options for adults include
– Cucumber and cream cheese with dill
– Chicken and mayonnaise
– Herbed egg
The great thing about sandwiches is that they are easy to pickup and eat quickly.


Cheese Board

A cheese board is always a crowd pleaser. Vegetables, crackers, cured meats and beautiful cheese are always a hit. Add some colour to the board with some fruits or fresh berries. If you are doing the cheese board yourself, you might like to consider bringing serviettes, cheese knives and tooth picks to make it easy to devour! 


Speak to Birthday Fairy to find out about the healthy catering options. All options above can be delivered straight to your party! Our packages are built so that each and every detail is hand picked to suit your preference. Our party add ons mean that you can create a unique party experience to suit your tastes. 

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We would love to hear from you even if you have questions regarding the best food options! We are always more than happy to provide our advice.