Fairy Party Decoration Ideas

Looking for some fairy party inspiration.. try a few of these easy DIY tricks for your next fairy party…If you would like everything done for you - speak to us about our signature packages! Otherwise if you love being craft, get amongst these gorgeous fairy ideas! 

Making flower crowns during the party can be a great activity. You can use artificial flowers or you may like to get a few bunches of flowers and the kids can make real crowns using ribbon, wire and fresh blooms.

Why not create some magic wands using twigs and ribbons. Simply tie the ribbons and trims onto the stick and leave these for the kids to play with.

Add some glitter to the bottom of plastic cups for a touch of princess fun at your fairy party! Adding fruit to the jug also brings the juicy goodness to life - strawberries and blueberries work best. 

Think outside the box for presenting the food. A wide scoop and decorative basket look gorgeous with popcorn. Kids love to be able to scoop their own food or have a special fairy prepare it for them. It also stops lots of hands covering all the fresh food.

Use a grazing table bar for the kids to be able to pick and choose their food. Also having some empty paper bags available for the end of the party means you can get the kids to take home a little parcel each (and it means you don’t have heaps of leftovers sitting in the cupboard for weeks).