Do you need to do lolly bags for guests?

It is a common gesture to organise party favors (also known as party bags, lolly bags, gift bags or return favors). 

These are usually given to party guests at the conclusion of the party.

While you don’t need to organise gift bags for each guest, it is a common way to thank the guests for coming.

Instead of giving a bag full of sugar, we have some wonderful alternative options. All of these can be booked via Birthday Fairy to take the stress away for you.

Personalised lolly bag

Personalised gift bags, $9 each. These have your child’s name and a themed design printed onto each bag. Each bag includes pen, pencil, notepad, rubber and a small bag of lollies  

Deluxe gift box
Deluxe box, $29. These have your child’s name on the front of the box. They include popcorn, lollies, beading kit, pencils, pens, rings, bows, bubbles and so much more!
Pet adoption kit 
Pet adoption kit, $18. These include adoption information, beads to make a pet collar, a special fluffy dog or cat, stickers and a lovely box. 
Sunglass kit

Sunglasses kit, $25. Let the children decorate their own sunglasses and create beautiful bracelets with a beading kit.