Why book everything in the one place?

When we started Birthday Fairy, we envisaged an entertainment company which made having parties memorable, easy and enjoyable.

Over the years our packages expanded and we adjusted our offerings as we realised that busy Mum’s were looking for a helping hand to provide a “complete party setup”.

So why is it cheaper?

We own all the props so you can hire these instead of buying props to use once.

We go out and do all the running around for you. Save petrol, parking fees and times by getting Birthday Fairy to do everything for you.

As a business, we get wholesale rates from a lot of suppliers so we can pass discounts and savings onto you.

Why is it easier?  

Birthday fairy set everything up for you. We look after all the party planning from initial invites, party decoration, catering, setup and clean-up.

You can enjoy the day and socialise with parents while we setup, entertain and packup.

We have setup hundreds of parties so we know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t waste time preparing food that won’t be eaten or setting up decoration which will blow away at the park!

Most popular package?

Party picnics are becoming the most popular signature party package! The beauty of these picnics is that Birthday Fairy brings everything for the picnic, sets it up and even packs up afterwards. You don’t need to worry about picking up supplies, coordinating between suppliers or cleaning up after the party. Our picnic parties also come with a gorgeous entertainer who plays lots of games with children. Could it be any easier? (The answer is no!!).

The package was designed with busy Mum’s in mind who wanted to create something magical for their child (without the time, hassle and running around).


The most popular themes would be unicorn, frozen, fairy, LOL surprise and mermaid! Here are a few pics from our unicorn party.