Commonly asked questions

I’m trying to work out what entertainment I should book!

There is a lot to consider when deciding what to book for your party. Here are some useful answers to commonly asked questions which should guide you through your booking decision. 

We are very happy to help you so please get in touch if you would like a phone consultation with one of our amazing event planners to craft your perfect day.

Why book with Birthday Fairy?

  • We are Sydney’s highest rated children's entertainment company. You can read all the reviews on Google and Facebook

What age group do your parties cater to?

  • Our parties are suitable for groups of children 3 years and up. 

What is the difference between 1, 1.5 and 2hr parties? 

  • 1hr $290, 1.5hr $345 and 2hr $395 (depending on character selection)
  • All durations include fun games with your engaging entertainer. There is just extra  time to do more games in the 1.5hr and 2hr packages. 
  • Facepaint is not included in the 1hr package as there is not enough time. 

Is facepaint included?

  • Simple facepaint is included in the 1.5hr and 2hr package. It is usually done towards the end of the party. 

Where is best to have my party?

  • We recommend home as it is the most convenient option for you!
  • If you cannot host at home, a local hall or community centre is great. Quiet parks also work really well too. 
  • Looking for a venue or park suggestion? Here are some suggestions

How many kids do I book for if I don’t have RSVPs?

  • You can give a rough idea on numbers when booking and confirm final RSVPs closer to the party date. Please note that a 2nd entertainer is required for over 15 children.

Are your parties inclusive for both boys and girls?

  • Yes! We have specific prizes such as cars, notepads, pens and fun things which boys can pick from. 
  • Boys also can receive snakes or fun themed facepaint. It isn't all girly and rainbow! 
  • Our entertainers are engaging and the boys love playing games with them! 

Boys at birthday fairy parties

What time does the entertainer arrive? What do they bring and what space is required for the entertainment?

  • The entertainer will arrive at the nominated entertainer start time. They don’t have anything to setup and are ready to get the fun started as soon as they get there! 
  • The space required is enough for your guests to sit in a circle and move around the circle. Parties work well both inside and outside of the home. Please feel free to send us a photo of the space if you are unsure if it will work.

What does the entertainer bring? 

  • Your engaging entertainer will bring everything required for the entertainment (music, mat to sit on, pass the parcel prizes etc). 

What is the usual party schedule? 

  • Our entertainers are all trained to know the games and routines, however they are flexible to adapt to the preferences of the group. 
  • Click HERE for the common party schedule. 

Are your entertainers vaccinated?

  • Yes all of our entertainers are vaccinated against COVID-19. 

What is the difference between an entertainment and deluxe package? 

  • Deluxe packages include 1.5hours of entertainment, children’s catering, a decorated grazing table and the option for a picnic or high tea. Everything is set up and packed up for you. There is no better way to have a party! You can even add on gift bags, cake, adult catering, balloons and more. 
  • Entertainment-only packages are best suited to those parents wanting to do their own setup, packup, catering, decoration and organising. The entertainment-only packages do not include decorations etc. 
  • You can view more about the differences HERE

Deluxe picnic

Deluxe packages - what time do you arrive to set up and pack up?

  • Our set up staff will arrive 45 - 60 minutes before the party starts to set up and will return 15 minutes after the party finishes to pack up. 

How do I pay?

  • We use an automated booking platform. You can pay online with credit card, After Pay or via bank transfer. 
  • Upfront payment is required to book your space. 

How do I get the included invites?

  • Our graphic designer will create your custom invites for you once you have booked. You will just need to confirm the party details. You will also need to let us know the RSVP date and any other specific information you would like on them. 
  • We send an electronic version or you can request a PDF version which you can print. 

I’ve never hosted a party before?

  • We are so happy to help with any questions you have. Feel free to call us for a free consultation and we will give you lots of great advice. You can also view some quick party tips! Click here to view the tips. 

Are you insured?

  • Yes we are insured. If you require documentation please ask once you have confirmed your booking.