Cold VS hot food for parties

If you are hosting a party in a park, community hall or even your backyard we suggest choosing simple foods which children will actually eat. While hot food can be tasty, you don’t want to have to be running to the oven to watch the food heating or risk serving really hot food to children. The safest option is to opt for healthy foods which can be prepared earlier and that don’t go off quickly.

Children love to graze so have lots of options like fruit, sandwiches, fairybread, popcorn and crackers. Choosing a range of easy party food for the children is the best option so that there is an option for even the fussiest of eaters.

A fruit platter is perfect because children can pick their own favourite fruit. If you do fruit cups, stick to popular fruit like grapes and berries. 

Sushi is a great option but stick to vegetarian or cooked options (especially during hot weather).

Sausage rolls are yummy but either cook them earlier so you don’t have to be running to and from the oven the whole time. If you really want hot food, ordering healthy pizzas to be delivered can be a great option to save yourself running around.

To allow the children to pick their favourite food, provide them their own disposable plate and allocate a few minutes for them to have a food break. The children love being able to pick their favourite foods. You will also need a separate set of plates for the cake cutting.

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