Marcus' Bluey Party

Such a fun new theme! BLUEY! 
Not only is Bluey popular on TV he is also proving to be a very popular party theme! If you have a Bluey and Bingo lover in your household, our Bluey grazing table is the perfect party solution. 
We setup this party for Marcus and he had an absolute blast at his party.
The grazing table included a delicious cake, children's catering and adult catering too. It was setup in a beautiful quiet park in Cremorne, it was just beautiful!
If you would like a party where everything is organsied for you - speak to us! If you prefer to do a DIY, here are some helpful steps below: 
  1. Choose Your Location. We chose the local park. It was perfect weather for Marcus' special day - but remember to have a backup venue in mind in case it is rainy, windy or super hot. 
  2. Set up the Grazing Table. Set up the food table first, positioning it in the perfect spot with a nice background for photos and shade for the cake is important too if it is hot.
  3. Put the lolly bags or party favors to the back of the table otherwise the kids will want to play with them throughout the party and you'll have nothing left to give them at the end of the party! 
  4. Spend your money where it matters. If you want to outsource everything, you will be able to enjoy the day without the stress and hassle of setting up. If you prefer to DIY, think about spending money where it has the most impact - perhaps an entertainer would be most valuable as it will keep the children busy for the duration of the party.
  5. Consider cupcakes. Cake is an area where you don't need to spend too much budget as kids will love cupcakes to have at the end just as much. cupcakes are also covid safe which is a win-win in todays world! Isn't it funny to think we used to breath all over the cake while blowing out candles? Cupcakes are a great alternative to avoid having to buy an expensive cake!