A few frequently asked questions......

You can read more information in our FAQ's but we thought we would share a few commonly asked ones here.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch! We can’t wait to help plan your magical day and celebrate with you!!

How does booking work?

  1. Submit an enquiry and you will receive an email to confirm your party details
  2. Reply back via email or call us on 0420596808
  3. Full payment is required to make your booking. This can be paid online or via an invoice which we send you. We accept all credit cards and bank direct deposit.

How do I book when I don’t have RSVPs?

Our base packages are for 15 children. If you find you have extra children once you have RSVP's back, you can book a second entertainer. Simply email or call us to let us know this is required. A second entertainer is $100/hr.

Do I pay extra if kids don’t turn up on the day?

You are charged for the amount of children that you told us prior to the day. We will base the number of entertainers required and materials supplied based on those numbers.

Who is included in the head count?

Children over 2.5-3 years old who will be active participants in the party are counted. You do not need to include young babies as they will be too little to participate in the games.

What if my guests are late?

If you book 1hr or 1.5hr we suggest having your guests arrive 30 mins before the entertainer. If you have a 2hr package, then guests arrival and entertainment arrival can be the same time as we use a more flexible schedule for the longer duration. Late guests are welcome to join into the party at any time.

Should adults stay?

Parents love watching, laughing and seeing their children have such a fun time. We encourage adults to stay, mingle and enjoy the celebrations.

Will your entertainers sing happy birthday?

Yes we usually do this in the last 10 minutes of the party. Children will sing Happy Birthday and can also get photos.

Cake time is usually in the last 10 or so minutes. This allows a chance to sing happy birthday, have photos and the children can be kept occupied with the entertainer while you cut the cake up. Cake time and any snack times are totally flexible and can be arranged with us prior or with the entertainer on the day. 

How big should the space be?

The ideal space has enough room for the children to be able to sit in a circle and run around it. Indoors and outdoors work well. Please ensure the space is free of any obstacles. 

What time will the entertainer arrive?

Your entertainer will be there at the nominated party start time. They do not have anything to setup so can get the fun started as soon as they arrive. The entertainer has all of your party/contact details as confirmed above. If you need to contact the entertainer, please do this via a text to 0420 596 808 so that we can help you.