What you need to know before hosting a slumber

A small sleepover in the safety of your home allows your child to still celebrate and have lots of fun during these difficult times.

Our teepees are the perfect way to celebrate with special friends, without the stress of larger group settings. Why have sleepover parties become so popular? Because you can host the party in your home with an intimate group and control the environment in terms of cleanliness.

Our sleepover party packages are designed to delight kids and teenagers. Because everything is setup and packed up for you, sleepovers are one of the easiest parties to host! You can add on activity packs, lolly bags, picnic settings, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and even entertainment! Each booking comes with free e-invites too!

You can be as creative as you like with our teepees. We have a range of themes from unicorns, white and gold and under-the-sea.

Head to our teepee sleepover page to find out more.

Speak to us about how we can setup your child’s teepee sleepover with our hire options.

1) Measure your space and draft your guest list

It is so important to measure the space prior to drafting the guest list so that you know how many can fit into the room. If you are not sure about how to get everything to fit, let us know because we give you some advice around configurations and fitting.  If you don’t have much space we also have the canopy option which fits more children in. As a result of knowing how many guests you can fit, it makes it much easier to start the party planning. We provide free customised invites and you can always adjust the number of teepees based on the RSVPs once you receive these.

2) Decide on a party theme 

Theme or colour schemes are a great way to bring magic to the party. If you are having trouble thinking about a theme – have a think about your child’s favourite colours, what they like to do or what they are watching at the moment. Birthday Fairy are very happy to customise to any theme that you might be after.

We love to tailor party themes for your child. You can also add on our lolly bags, cupcakes, cakes and more to bring your theme to life. For example, you might like to order some boho cookies, a boho themed cake and dream catcher making activity for your child if they go with the white and gold theme. The pictures below show the LOL Surprise theme and the various add ons which Birthday Fairy included for the sleepover. If you are looking for some more DIY ideas, Pinterest has a wealth of different options and ideas.

You can plan out the food menu or even have Birthday Fairy provide the food for your special event. The children often love making Mexican tacos, making pizzas or filling their own healthy sushi / rice paper rolls. In terms of breakfast, popular options often include a mix of cereals, pancakes or fruit salads. Birthday Fairy can deliver fresh food packs and catering anywhere in Sydney.

We suggest having a range of food options to cater for any fussy eaters. If you include foods which your child loves and a few variations, usually there is something for the fussy eaters to enjoy. Having a mix of healthy foods and sugary party foods is best. Avoiding too much of the sugary food before bed is best and replacing with some salty/fatty food such as popcorn or pizza. The foods higher in salt/fat will help the children to sleep more than the sugary foods. 

3) Plan out the games and activities 

You can choose an entertainer to keep the children busy or order an activity pack such as cookie decorating, cupcake decorating or flower crown making. If you are going to book an entertainer, organise this for the beginning of the party to keep the children busy. After some games or an activity, get the children involved with dinner and pop on a movie. You can also organise your own entertainment such as  games for the children such as obstacle courses, quizzes, truth or dare, Piñata or an outdoor scavenger hunt.

Craft ideas are also really popular. You can purchase craft kits and jewellery making from us. These are a great replacement or addition to lolly bags. If your children love being pamper, our pamper parties are the perfect solution. Pamper parties include foot soaks, nail painting, face masks and more!

Making a special slumber party does not have to be super stressful. These quick tips should help you in your planning for the magical celebration. We are here if you have any questions at all!